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Good evening everyone, welcome to my blog & post! Today I have a pretty cool photoshoot to post again, with another cool dress that I hadn’t shot yet. I’ve been loving doing dresses this year, I’ve gotten back into them a bunch since I’ve been wearing them to the club all the time these days. I love catching up on shooting them, too, because I want to shoot all my dresses eventually! I’ve shot a bunch of them so far, but I still have a bunch more to get around to. Today’s post is this really pretty green dress that I have, long sleeves, that I got from StitchFix back in 2017. I was totally excited about this dress in the photoshoot, doing this shoot for St. Patrick’s Day, but the dress turned out looking like this sage color – kind of brown instead of green! I thought that was crazy honestly, because this dress is legitimately green. But I guess you’ll just have to trust me how green it is with how it showed up in the photoshoots! Anyway, this is my second all-gold photoshoot with all my new gold jewelry put into my face, so I named this the part two of a post I did last year, that I named Pot of Gold. So this is number two, because this is still my St. Patrick’s Day post for 2023 despite how the color showed up in the pictures. Green enough, right? I think it works well enough. My nail polish is at least a perfect green & gold color, you might not be able to tell but all of it was the perfect green for this. I love this outfit so much, it looks perfect with the gold jewelry. Let’s get into the rest of the photoshoot finally, I love how the picture below turned out too! It looks amazing, I love it so much.

St. Patrick’s Day 2023 Green Dress Photoshoot & Gold Jewelry – Pot of Gold #2

I was excited to do this post when I came up with the name, that’s perfect! After switching to my gold jewelry in my face, I totally love wearing gold jewelry and everything everyday, it’s awesome. And I thought this was perfect and convenient for St. Patrick’s Day! So the song Pot of Gold that inspired the two photoshoots is by Felly, who I saw again last year in February live, which was like my 4th time seeing him live here in Seattle. So back in December I did that photoshoot & blog post with the shirt I got that year, which was signed after I met him, and named the photoshoot itself Pot of Gold with the other name as the blog post title. But the name is perfect to be used for this post, too, I wasn’t sure what could be more perfect for me with the gold jewelry change and St. Patrick’s Day. So definitely check out that post from a few months ago, and also definitely check out my St. Patrick’s Day post from last year too! It’s called Green Envy and it turned out awesome. I love the contrast between the two holiday posts, too, they look good in comparison to each other. I also love the bright red hair with the outfit this year though too, it looks really good with the whole look! Let’s get into the shoot below.

Outfit Details for my ‘Pot of Gold II’ Photoshoot:

  • Green/sage colored long-sleeved dress from StitchFix in like 2017 that I finally was able to get a shoot of! I love this dress, it looks awesome on me and I always love it with these boots I got with it too.
  • Over-the-knee brown colored boots that I also got from StitchFix with the dress in 2017 as well! I also featured these boots in last year’s Rebel, in 2018’s Keep On Singin’ My Song plus a 2017 post also.
  • Moon & stars gold waist chain around my waist that I got last year in June at Plato’s Closet, I love waist chains with all my heart! This gold one is perfect for me too, I love (crescent) moon & stars things.
  • Gold Y-Chain blue crystal druzy agate stone necklace that I got from a rock store in 2019 & then had my stepmom put onto a necklace/chain for me. I love this necklace so much & it’s such a pretty one.
  • Hematite shark tooth gold necklace that my stepmom made for me back in like 2019, I really love this necklace! I was also wearing a gold diamond necklace she gave me recently right under that one too.
  • Gold tiny coin & brown-ish chain choker that my stepmom helped me put together a couple years ago, but the coin was originally from my friend though too. This is one of my favorite chokers as well.
  • Chain post/dangly pair of earrings that are a really perfect gold color, as well as a pair of square gem gold stud earrings in my second holes & a plain gold ear cuff (that I got in a set of earrings at Buckle).
  • A gold nose ring from BodyCandy in 2020, plus all this gold jewelry from BodyJewelryPlus: a gold flower crystal metal lip ring, a gold industrial, a gold helix sparkly ring, and a gold heart rook piercing too.
  • Green & gold gem ring & 2 metal wire gold pearl rings on my middle finger/then my thumb that I wore, & I love those gold rings. Also, halfway through the photoshoot a green bloodstone bracelet as well.
  • Ray-Diant green sparkly gold-ish nail polish by China Glaze on my nails as well as a black sparkle at the base of each nail (10 of them total). I really love this green nail polish for St. Patrick’s Day too!
  • Believe by Britney Spears 3.3 oz perfume, I love this perfume! I’ve had it since I was like 16 or so, it’s this big green bottle and I love how it smells. Check out this 2021 blog post about my perfumes.
  • Natalie Eva Marie 22″ TestaRossa Bright Red Hair Extensions $290 from Bellami Hair that I LOVE! So far I’ve worn them, at first in a 2019 post and in 2022’s Stoke the Fire, Hackney, Pull Up & Killstar.
  • GG Marmont small black leather shoulder bag $2,550 by Gucci that I love with all my heart & got for Christmas from my mom! The pictures with this are in the last collage, those turned out rad.

Makeup Details for ‘Pot of Gold II’ on March 16th, 2023:

  • Pinklipps Cosmetics Major Matte Face Primer* $13 a new primer I got from Ipsy this month, and I ended up really liking this one. I got to pick this one out myself & I wanted a new primer, I like it.
  • Yensa Beauty Skin On Skin BC Foundation $42 in the shade Light Neutral that I got in my Ipsy bag last month. It has a built in concealer so I just used it by itself this time! It looks pretty good too.
  • Too Faced Peach Blur Translucent Smoothing Finishing Powder $30 that I got in 2019 at Sephora, which became one of my favorite powders. It has a peachy pink hue to it too that I love about it!
  • Hikari Cosmetics Shimmer Bronzer $23 in the shade Flush that I got from Ipsy like a million years ago, maybe like 6 years ago! This makes a really great bronzer actually, I totally loved it this time.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush $30 in the shade Paaarty that I’ve had for a long time in a mini size from Sephora, I’ve always loved this blush and am glad I still have some left!
  • Essence Cosmetics Pure Nude Highlighter $4.99 in the shade 010 Popping Champagne which is a really pretty yellow gold highlighter from Ipsy a few years ago. I’m glad I finally used it for this.
  • Tarte Cosmetics Quick Stick Waterproof Shadow & Liner $26 in the shade Golden Pink Luster which is just the shadow side. This product was great, I got it from Ipsy last year & just ran out!
  • Mica Beauty Bronze Shimmer Powder $12 that I got a very long time ago from Ipsy probably as well! I really want to use up my old products and get new ones eventually. Not a bad eyeshadow.
  • Sahi Cosmetics Cream Metallic Foil Eyeshadow $22 in the shade Doha which is a perfect gold foil eyeshadow, probably one of my favorite gold shadows I have but it broke & I hope I don’t run out!
  • F.A.R.A.H 18-hr Liquid Eyeliner* $20 in Black Velvet that I just got in my March Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, I wanted a new liquid liner! This one isn’t bad, I like it enough for sure. I’m glad I got this.
  • Ardell False Lashes #3 $12 in my box of lashes & also Duo Brush On Lash Adhesive in Clear, but I want to try their other glue sometime! I like this glue though, it’s a fairly new one of mine also.
  • Beauty For Real Hi-Def Mascara $24 which I used to repurchase all the time after first getting it from Ipsy way back in the day! It used to be one of my favorite mascaras too which was awesome.
  • Treslúce Beauty Hello, Brows! Dual-Ended Micro Brow Pencil $18 using the thicker end, I love this brow pencil! I got it from Ipsy a few months ago & I love the shade of it too, it always looks good.
  • Kylie Skin Sugar Lip Scrub $21 that I used to scrub/exfoliate my lips before I put on lip products! I love this lip scrub, I just bought it this year because I love Kylie’s brands so much. It works great!
  • Lord & Berry Nude Lip Liner $20 in the shade #3035 Nude which is a pretty good dark nude colored lip liner. I got this from Ipsy so long ago & still have & use it! It’s a good basic lip pencil though.
  • Seraphine Botanicals Cherimoya + Fig – Long Lasting Vegan Lip Stain* $18 in Latte which is a really cool lip stain I got in my March Ipsy bag! This color looked so good on me, it’s a perfect lip stain.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray $34 which is my favorite setting spray of all time, I have three of them since it’s discontinued & I love it so much. It’s the best, of course.
My March 2023 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus $28/month

*This was a pretty awesome bag this month, I’m getting pretty good with Ipsy! I used at least 4 of the products from my bag for this shoot specifically, but I’m going to review the whole bag because I love it. I of course got the usual 5 products this month with a drawstring bag, but this should be the last month they have bags that go with them, because they’re taking that out to become Boxycharm. Either way, it’s going to stay the same that they pick 2 products out for you and then you get to pick 3 of them out yourself. The first two products they picked out for me were, for one, a Saturday Skin brand’s Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask which I think is awesome. You use it 3-5 times a week, and I did that last week and my skin is really soft & everything now! I love it, it’s a pretty good product. I keep getting so many different Vitamin C skincare products from Ipsy which is crazy, but they all seem to work for me really well too! The second product they picked for me was a Lavido brand Aromatic Body Lotion in Musk & Coconut that you put on when your skin is damp, and I liked that about this product! It was actually really soft and nice and smooth and I was surprised by how much I liked this product. It smells good and everything too, but I liked that it was different. The next three products I got to pick out myself, and the first one is a Seraphine Botanicals brand Cherimoya + Fig – Long Lasting Vegan Lip Stain in Latte that I wore for this photoshoot with some lip liner. I love this lip stain, it looks so good on me! I never really need that many new lip products but I did appreciate getting this one because it looks so good on me. The second one I picked is a Pinklipps Cosmetics brand Major Matte Face Primer that I ended up liking more than the other primer I got from the same brand (a couple months ago), this one is a better consistency for me! I like it, it’s pretty good. The last product I got was a F.A.R.A.H brand 18-hr Liquid Eyeliner in Black which is a pretty good liquid liner! I liked this one and of course wore it for the shoot like the last few products. I needed a new liquid liner and Ipsy is good with that! Thanks so much for reading this review paragraph, sign up for Ipsy under my referral link here too! I always love Ipsy always, I’m excited about next month!

So that’s a pretty good photoshoot so far! I love all those collages, I think they turned out pretty rad. The last collage is below, and it starts with most of the pictures including the Gucci bag my mom got me for Christmas. I love this purse with all my heart, it’s one of my favorite bags I own of all time so far! It’s perfect, all the gold jewelry in my face plus the gold bag and I just recently got a gold house key with an Ariana perfume keychain that matches the gold really well with the bag and I keep it inside of it. I’m really in love with this bag though! It looks really good with all my gold everything and it’s the perfect Gucci bag for me right now. I love it, and I love the pictures of me on the floor with the bag sitting on the chair, I think that’s so perfect and cute. The rest of the collage are just 3 other pretty pictures that I took. I love the last collage, it looks so awesome with that bag! One of my favorite collages of the shoot, definitely one of the best. Scroll down to see what I’m talking about!

That’s it for this blog post, I’m glad about how it turned out! The dress looked green enough in the end with my lighting so that’s awesome, that’s what I was hoping for at least. I love wearing my extensions, I just got my hair redyed last week which was great! So far, this is now the 6th blog post I’ve worn my extensions in, which is crazy because I want to wear them more often. So I’m going to try this year to wear them more, maybe dye my hair more, and see what happens because I would love to use them more often! I wore them to the club the other day too, it was perfect with my outfit. You can find pictures of that on my Instagram probably, maybe check that out to see some pictures from the club & concerts I’ve been posting and everything! I love going to the club Trinity in Seattle with my friend Kwame, it’s awesome every single week. We’ll see how the rest of this month goes, hopefully I can do more photoshoots with my extensions but I would just love to catch up on that. Go back to outfit details to see some of the other photoshoots I wore these extensions in, it was 4 last year and they turned out pretty good. Once in 2019, and then this is my first time this year using them. But I really love my bright red hair with all my heart and I’m always happy when it’s back! Thanks so much for checking me out, I’ll see you guys later, hopefully with more red hair again too!